Palm, Tree & Shrub Care

Keeping Your Palms, Trees & Shrubbery Happy And Healthy

Floridians know that while our palm trees and other tropical trees and shrubbery are a quintessential part of our landscape design, maintaining them well throughout the year takes a certain know-how and lots of hard labor. Most South Florida ornamental trees and shrubs, including our beloved palm trees, require monthly maintenance in order to stay healthy and pest-free. This maintenance includes properly fertilizing and applying regular pest and disease prevention treatments. Without consistent care and maintenance, palms and other tropical trees and shrubs can show signs of browning and foliar damage, making them easy targets for harmful insects and disease.

After more than 25 years serving the South Florida region, the local lawn care specialists at Guaranteed Pest Control have the knowledge and experience to care for the palms, trees and shrubs that make your yard beautiful.

Our Palm, Tree & Shrub Care Services include:

  • Onsite Consultation – During your initial consultation, our technician will visit your property to assess the palms, hardwood trees and shrubs on your property in order to develop an accurate plan for care and maintenance and to determine whether treatment of existing diseases or pests – such as aphids, whiteflies, spider mites or rust fungus – is advisable.
  • Palm, Tree & Shrub Care Plan – Your technician will devise a custom plan based on the results of the onsite consultation designed to provide exactly the services and treatments your landscape will require in order to thrive.
  • Fertilization, Insect and Disease Control – We offer a range of fertilization, disease and insect control options for palms and shrubs designed to nourish and protect your trees and shrubs, while combating invasive pests and disease.