Pest Control & Lawn Care Services In Weston

Whether you live or work in Weston, you know that here in South Florida we have no shortage of bothersome pests. Insects, ticks, mosquitoes, rodents, and whiteflies can be more than just a nuisance; they can be downright dangerous to our plants, palms, hardwood trees and even our health. We help residents and business owners in Weston neighborhoods, including Bonaventure, The Ridges, Weston Hills, San Remo, Emerald Estates, North Lakes, Windmill Reserves, Savanna, and others, take care of their residential and commercial pest control and lawn care needs.

Don’t let infestations, fungus and lawn disease ruin your property! Guaranteed Pest Control and Fertilization will exterminate pests, help you get control of mosquitoes to keep you and your family safe. We also handle invasive insects such as whitefly, and provide lawn care and palm, tree, and shrub care to keep your property beautiful and healthy.

We utilize a 3-step plan in order to provide you the best possible service:

  • Onsite Consultation – Includes a visit in-person by one of our technicians experienced in assessing your specific lawn, landscaping, and pest control needs.
  • Custom Treatment Plan – Receive a detailed plan for your specific property, including: fertilization, extermination, lawn restoration and treatment recommendations.
  • Application – Executed by experienced technicians, we treat your home or business using a variety of pet-friendly pesticide, herbicide and fungicide products and science-based methods proven effective.

Guaranteed Pest Control’s services include:

Mosquito Control – Monthly mosquito control solutions reduce the current and repel future populations.

Interior & Perimeter Pest Control – Pest control services include extermination and guarding against future common pests including ants, ticks, palmetto bugs, silverfish and more.

Rodent, Flea and Tick Control – Residential and commercial rodent, flea and tick control solutions that are safe and effective.

Lawn Care – Lawn care services offered on a regular maintenance schedule that keep lawns, landscaping, and trees and shrubs in peak condition.

Palm, Tree & Shrub Care – Care for ornamental palms, trees and shrubs that includes maintenance and fertilization as well as treatment for insects, disease, and fungus.

Rugose Spiraling Whitefly – We use the Safari basal trunk spray treatment to rid palm trees and hardwoods from rugose spiraling whitefly infestations. This method requires no drilling into the trees and prevents future infestations for an extended period of time.

Guaranteed Pest Control provides complete pest control, extermination, and lawn care services to Weston area residents and businesses. Contact us at 954-584-5325 or complete the form below to schedule an onsite consultation.