Pest Control & Lawn Care Services In Parkland

As the local pest control company serving the Parkland community, we help homes and businesses minimize mosquitoes, eliminate infestations, reduce the effect of harmful pests on palms, trees, and shrubs, and care for lawns and landscaping. Just ask our satisfied customers in Mira Lago, Cypress Head, Heron Bay, Pine Tree Estates, Meadow Run, Country Acres, Parkland Estates, Fox Ridge, Mill Run, Tall Pines, and more!

Insects are a fact of life here in South Florida, but they should not be preventing you from enjoying your outdoor spaces, and certainly don’t need to make their way indoors! Guaranteed Pest Control and Fertilization provides pest control and lawn care services so Parkland area residents can be free from bothersome insects, pests, rodents and more – both inside and out.

Our 3-step plan for all services includes:

  • Onsite Consultation – A technician will check your property for any signs of current pest, insect, or lawn-disease.
  • Custom Treatment Plan – A unique treatment plan is devised to treat any current issues discovered during the consultation and to provide ongoing protection and maintenance.
  • Application – Our experienced technicians take care of everything from initial extermination services through ongoing, regular maintenance for pest prevention, palms, trees and shrub care services, and lawn care.

Guaranteed Pest Control’s services include:

Mosquito Control – Start enjoying your yard and outdoor space again. Mosquito control services significantly impact the current and future mosquito populations on your property.

Interior & Perimeter Pest Control – Our pest control services treat both the inside and the perimeter of your property to ensure pests like ants, roaches, spiders and more are driven far away from your home or business.

Rodent, Flea and Tick Control – We understand that rodents, fleas and ticks are more than a simple nuisance. That is why our extermination services eliminate these pests completely and quickly.  

Lawn Care – Whether you own a home or a business, the lawn is the first opportunity you have to make an impression. Let our team of experts handle your routine lawn care and maintenance to keep the exterior of your home fungus and pest free and thriving.

Palm, Tree & Shrub Care – If  your trees and shrubs require treatment of existing diseases or insects or if you simply want them to grow as strong and healthy as possible, our palm, tree & shrub care services are the solution.

Rugose Spiraling Whitefly – If you’ve seen spiral white patches that turn into a sticky black mold growing on your palms or hardwood trees, you’ve got rugose spiraling whiteflies. Our safari basal trunk spray method removes existing infestations and keeps them from returning for 6 months. 

Do you own a home or business in Parkland? Contact the experienced professionals at Guaranteed Pest Control for any pest control and lawn care needs. Contact us at 954-584-5325 or complete the form below to schedule an onsite consultation.