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Pest Control & Lawn Care Services In Lauderdale By The Sea

In the Town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, we might celebrate BugFest-by-the-Sea, but the only bugs we plan to celebrate are the delicious, crustacean kinds – lobsters! For all other types of bugs and pests, residents and business owners alike turn to the professionals at Guaranteed Pest Control & Fertilization.

We have helped clients in neighborhoods like Bay Colony, Bel Air, Atlantic Beach Villas, Cristelle Beach, Golden Shores, Cabana Bay Village, and Ocean Walk Villas with their pest control and lawn care needs, and are available to take new residential and commercial clients located in the South Florida region.

Our 3-step plan for all services includes:

  • Onsite Consultation – Step 1 is an on-site visit from one of our trained technicians who will examine both the interior and exterior of your home or building for signs of pests or areas where they are likely to be found.
  • Custom Treatment Plan – Step 2 is designing your customized treatment plan. Your plan will be specific to any issues you are currently experiencing and recommendations for continued pest protection and maintenance.
  • Application – Step 3 is the application process. Technicians will eliminate existing problems and begin pest prevention treatments, palms, trees and shrub care services, and any lawn care services set forth in your custom treatment plan.

Guaranteed Pest Control’s services include:

Mosquito Control – Our mosquito control services kill current mosquito populations and significantly reduce the numbers of any future populations.

Interior & Perimeter Pest Control – We treat both the interior and the perimeter of your property in order to drive insects, such as roaches, ants, silverfish, and other pests far away from the house or building.

Rodent, Flea and Tick Control – Our extermination methods are proven to be fast and effective, in order to best protect your home or commercial building and the people and pets inside.

Lawn Care – Lawn care technicians from Guaranteed Pest Control don’t just keep lawns cut and fertilized. We manage your complete residential and commercial lawn care and maintenance, treating for lawn-killing pests, disease and fungus, to keep your yard healthy year round.

Palm, Tree & Shrub Care – Don’t let the palms, trees, and shrubbery on your property brown-out or suffer leaf damage. With regular maintenance and care, these beautiful trees can grow and thrive for many years to come.

Rugose Spiraling Whitefly – Rugose spiraling whiteflies may be prevalent in our area, but with our treatment method, they can be safely and effectively expelled from your palms and trees, without causing damage to the trees themselves.  

Do you own a home or business in Lauderdale by the Sea? Contact Guaranteed Pest Control. Our team of experienced technicians know how to solve any pest control and lawn care problems. Contact us at 954-584-5325 or complete the form below to schedule an onsite consultation.