Boca Raton

Pest Control & Lawn Care Services In Boca Raton

If you are a home or business owner in Boca Raton, you realize that South Florida is known for more than just sunshine and beaches; we also have plenty of pests and insects, including mosquitoes. You don’t have to let these insects, ticks, mosquitoes, rodents, and whiteflies ruin your time outside or your plants, palms, hardwood trees and lawn. Turn to the local pest control solution your neighbors in Boca West, Woodfield Country Club, Sandalfoot Cove, The Oaks, Boca Woods, St Andrews, Boca Teeca, Palm Beach Farms, and Mission Bay choose to solve their pest and lawn care needs.

Start enjoying your lawn again and rid your home, business or restaurant of bothersome pests! Guaranteed Pest Control and Fertilization has been exterminating pests, controlling mosquito and invasive insect populations (including rugose spiraling whitefly) and providing lawn care and palm, tree, and shrub care for more than 25 years.

We solve your pest control and lawn care needs in 3 steps:

  • Onsite Consultation – We begin with an in-person visit by one of our technicians. Your technician will evaluate the specific lawn, landscaping, and pest control needs for your commercial or residential property.
  • Custom Treatment Plan – We then develop a custom, detailed treatment plan, which will include any fertilization, extermination, lawn restoration and treatment recommendations.
  • Application – Your custom treatment plan is executed by experienced technicians. Our treatment methods are evidence-based and proven effective and include a variety of pet-friendly pesticide, herbicide and fungicide products.

Guaranteed Pest Control’s services include:

Mosquito Control – In order to effectively reduce current and repel future mosquito populations, mosquito control solutions are applied monthly during peak season.

Interior & Perimeter Pest Control – Extermination and pest control solutions eliminate and guard against common household pests including roaches, ants, silverfish and more.

Rodent, Flea and Tick Control – Ridding your property of rodents, fleas and ticks needs to be both fast and long-lasting. Our solutions are safe and effective – protecting your home or business for the long term.

Lawn Care – Schedule regular maintenance and lawn care to restore the beauty of your yard and keep lawns, landscaping, and trees and shrubs growing healthy and good-looking.

Palm, Tree & Shrub Care – Ornamental palms, trees and shrubs require regular maintenance, care and fertilization to thrive. We also provide unique, effective treatment for insects, disease, and tree-killing fungus.

Rugose Spiraling Whitefly – The Safari basal trunk spray treatment requires no drilling into the tree to rid palm trees and hardwoods from damaging rugose spiraling whitefly infestations.

Guaranteed Pest Control takes care of all commercial and residential pest control, extermination, and lawn care services for Boca Raton. Contact us at 954-584-5325 or complete the form below to schedule an onsite consultation.